Visiting Mauritius – Best Scenic Routes

visiting mauritius-best scenic routes

Mauritius has plenty to offer for all types of travelers. Our volcanic island has been carved beautifully and our scenic routes look like eye candy. Since Mauritius is surrounded by the sea, most of its beauty lies across the coast. Your vacation will not be complete if you leave without discovering our island’s special spots. In this article, you will find the best 4 scenic routes in Mauritius to take. If you are looking to enjoy the view and relax during a road trip, Motaxi will be delighted to be part of your journey. Book a reliable taxi with Motaxi to get you to your desired destination. Contact us!

Mahebourg Waterfront To Bambous Virieux

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This route is on the South-Eastern coast. The wonderful landscape along the road will make you fall in love with nature. If your journey begins at Mahebourg, you will have a chance to walk along the “Mahebourg Waterfront” which is a popular spot in the South with a mesmerizing view. This region is also home to many historical places such as Museums and ancient inventions such as canons which can be found at “Pointe du Diable”. You will also find a small jetty at Bois des Amourettes and a splendid view of the Lion Mountain at View Grand Port. 

Riambel To Macondé Viewpoint

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This route is found in the southern part of the island. You will come across several public beaches which will amaze you if you’re not used to seeing white sandy beaches. Starting at Riambel, you will come across Riambel and St Felix public beach. Then, at Riviere Des Galets, you will find a one-of-a-kind beach with rock pebbles instead of sand. You will have a great view of the sea during your journey which will end at Macondé Viewpoint. This spot offers a unique view of the sea.

Flic-En-Flac To Albion

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The Western route is equally exciting as the others. Flic-en-Flac is well-known for its amazing public beach and touristic environment. A short trip will get you to Albion where there is also a public beach but we recommend that you visit “Albion Lighthouse”. You will not only be able to have a great view of this popular lighthouse but also enjoy the beautiful view ahead of you. This spot is also ideal for admiring the sunset.

Pereybere To Calodyne

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In the northern part of the island, you will be able to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the island at Pereybere and it does not end here. Along this route, you will also come across Bain boeuf public beach and the amazing view that it provides. If you are lucky enough to be travelling at the beginning of summer, you can also come across the eye-catching Flamboyant trees at Cap Malheureux and a few other spots in the North. The above image shows Flamboyant trees and the Catholic Church at Cap Malheureux. In the last part of your journey, there will be more beaches to discover such as Anse La Raie beach, ideal for water sports enthusiasts.

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