Book A Taxi In Mauritius Instead Of Renting A Car

Book a taxi

Do you need a car to visit Mauritius? Even if the island is quite small, having a car to get to places is a must to ease your day-to-day travels. Mauritius has a few modes of transportation such as public buses and the metro but the most convenient ones are surely taxis and car rentals. Hesitating between booking a taxi and renting a car? Discover why you should book a taxi in Mauritius instead of going to car rentals. Need a ride? Contact us now! Wishing to discover the beauty of the island? Read more on some of the best places to visit in Mauritius.

No hidden costs 

Taxi fares depend on a few factors such as the number of people travelling, the number of hours you wish to book a taxi or even how far you wish to go. Hiring a car might seem like a good alternative at first but you could experience a few hidden costs. When renting a car in Mauritius, you should usually pay a deposit to confirm the booking in addition to the fee applied for the hire. Moreover, some car rentals can take credit card which includes other additional fees. With that in mind, booking a taxi might be a cheaper and more convenient alternative.

Driving with experienced taxi drivers

Book a taxi in mauritius

If you have no experience driving on the left side of the road or if you tend to get lost when driving abroad, then Mauritius might be tricky for you to visit if you hire a car. Motaxi provides you with experienced licensed taxi drivers that will drive you to the destination of your choice safely and in a timely manner. Not to mention that the drivers will know each and every road on the island so you won’t need to worry whether you are going in the right direction or not!

No need to think about parking

If you have not been to Mauritius yet and you wish to hire a car, then you might want to know that it is not always easy to find parking in some places. Sure, there are usually payable parking and free ones, but what happens when you don’t find any and you are not familiar with the island? Booking a taxi takes that stress away. No need to drive in a circle infinitely looking for a parking spot, get a taxi to drop you wherever you want to go.

No unpleasant surprises

book a taxi in mauritius

When hiring a car in Mauritius, you should always make sure to inspect the car beforehand. If the car presents any scratches, bumps, or missing items, you should always inform the person in charge of the car rental. This can save you from unnecessary inconvenient. Getting a taxi doesn’t require any inspection. Enjoy your ride without having to worry about the car status.

Coming to Mauritius for your holidays? Motaxi offers you the best 24/7 taxi service in Mauritius. Get in touch with us to book a taxi in Mauritius!