Traveling 101: 3 Travel Tips To Know Before Visiting Mauritius

Yes! Borders are finally open in Mauritius, which means that you finally get to visit the island and check it off your travel checklist. Now, if discovering the island was on your mind for quite some time, you may have done your little personal research. From the crystal-clear lagoon to the tropical weather, all the way to the diversity of delicious food and culture, there are so many factors that make Mauritius the ideal spot for an islander experience. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, we gathered 3 travel tips you should know of before travelling to Mauritius.

Have your documents in order and ready

Whenever you are travelling abroad, it is essential that you have some important documents on hand. It might seem logical but you could have forgotten them with the rush or simply didn’t check if they are still in order. Before visiting Mauritius, make sure to plan your passport renewal application. For Indian nationals, the validity period of your visa should not be less than six months from your departure date. For tourist visa holders, same will be valid for a period of 60 days from the issuing date.

As for your credit card funds, have a look at your credit card limit before landing on the island. The minimum amount authorised should not be less than 600 USD. Don’t lose your plane ticket! The onward and return ticket should be on you when travelling by air. You can also get a travel health insurance ready as a precaution for any potential treatment or medical care.

Exchange your currency

As a matter of convenience, we suggest that you exchange your currency for the Mauritian one. The currency on the island is available in different coins (5,20 and 50 cents) and tickets of 25,50,100,200,500, 1000 and 2000. You can proceed to the exchange at the airport or at any of the banks available in Mauritius, keeping in mind that each bank has its opening hours and its daily limit of withdrawing per day. As for debit and credit cards, Visa, American Express, or Mastercard are all accepted over the island.

Get a trusted taxi service

Driving in a foreign country can be a challenging experience. Now, if you absolutely wish to hire a car in Mauritius, you should keep in mind that you must stay and drive on the left side of the road and mustn’t park on double yellow lines as it is strictly prohibited and could cost you a parking ticket. When you are on holiday, one of the things you don’t want is to have to cut short your activities to get public transportation on time. In Mauritius, after 6 pm, it tends to get quieter and the flow of buses is slower which can leave you waiting for a long time. To enjoy your leisure time to the fullest, we highly suggest that you book your rides with a trusted taxi service to avoid any rush or stress. If you are thinking about discovering the island, it is the best transportation alternative as you will ride with skilled and licensed drivers, not to mention that you will not have to worry about parking! When Google Maps doesn’t work to its full potential on the island, these taxi drivers have all the knowledge you need to travel peacefully anywhere around Mauritius.


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