Travel Documents Simplified With Mauritius New Digital Solution For Visitors

If there is one thing you don’t want to forget or lose when travelling abroad, it’s your travel documents. With Mauritius finally opening its borders and the Covid-19 still current, additional documents have to be carried by travellers coming to the island. In view of easing the travelling experience of visitors, the Mauritian government has recently launched a new digital solution that will provide travellers with simplified embarkation and disembarkation procedures. No more stress related to travel documents with this new streamlined solution!

An all-in-one online form

The more documents you carry while travelling, the more stressed you are about losing all of them and filling them out manually can be a real headache. Since the island reopened its borders, visitors were asked to fill in at least five official forms including three documents directly related to Covid-19 regulations, and all this before taking off. With the Health Declaration Form and the Disembarkation card, additional forms have been added such as the Public Health Passenger Form, the Covid-19 Laboratory Request Form and the Public Health Covid-19 Passenger Self-Declaration form. Yes, that’s a lot to remember and fill out. In order to facilitate the navigation of required travel documents, the Mauritian government launched a new all-in-one online form on the 08th of October 2021. This form allows visitors to avoid the daunting task of filling out five documents by just filling a single one even before getting to the airport. By providing their personal details and flight details such as the time, date and place of embarkation, the same will be automatically used to fill out all their travel documents. After what, they will receive a PDF of all the completed forms to print, sign and keep for their records. Nothing better than having a clear mind before getting on a flight!

Fill out your online forms

Make your travel experience more enjoyable by filling out your travel documents online! Get the forms directly on the Air Mauritius (, the MTPA ( or ATOL ( websites. You can also get them on mymauritius mobile app. If you prefer to fill your forms manually you can still do so, however, we really do advise foreign nationals to consider this digital solution for safer and stress-free embarkation and disembarkation procedures.

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