Tips When Travelling To Mauritius As A Family

Tips When Travelling To Mauritius

Mauritius has long been known as the perfect destination for couples and honeymoons but the island has actually everything you need if you are thinking of travelling to Mauritius with your family! The island is just waiting to be explored, ease your daily holiday travels around the island with Motaxi. Give us a call on our hotline 86 600 to pre-book a taxi or get one straight away, no matter the time and where you are headed!

Why you should visit Mauritius?


In addition to its beautiful beaches and all-year-around warm weather, there are so many reasons why travelling to Mauritius might tempt you. The community is known for its friendliness which makes you feel instantly at ease. Communicating is not going to be such a big deal as well since Mauritian understand and speak both French and English. The island amazes both adults and kids with its unique scenery and cultural mix offering you a well-deserved break while spending quality time with your loved ones in a dreamy setting. It is also safe to safe that your children won’t be running out of things to do as the island offers a wide range of activities for all ages! To the question ‘’Is Mauritius worth visiting?’’, the answer is more than obvious (without a doubt!).


Family-friendly hotels & resorts

Mauritius is packed with outstanding resorts and hotels, but are there any that are family-friendly? The answer is yes! You can find lots of hotels and resorts suitable for families all across Mauritius such as La Pointe aux Canonniers Resort at Club Med, LUX Le Morne, the Constance Belle Mare Plage and many more that often come with interesting family packages. If you are unsure about a certain hotel or resort, we advise you to check the hotel/resort facilities and activities before booking your stay. Also, keep in mind that the summer season in Mauritius runs from November through April, however, February and March are the months with the heaviest rainfall. Winter season is from May through October and while the weather might still be moderately warm during the day, you might want to bring a sweater with you at night. This is also to consider when making your booking.

Inland and water activities

To keep your children entertained, the island has a wide range of activities to offer. From glass-bottomed boat rides, snorkeling, quad, to zip-lining and more we promise you won’t get bored! Take your kids with you to discover the incredible flora and fauna of Mauritius at the Pamplemousses Garden with its floral species and unique exotic plants or embark on an interactive course at the Sugar Adventure to know more about the importance of sugar cane in the island’s history. The list goes on!