Rides Made Easy With MoTaxi GPS Tracking System

Gone are the times when you urgently booked a taxi and waited impatiently without any possibility to check where the driver is at right now. Our GPS tracking system doesn’t only allow us to better manage our fleet of taxis, but also helps in enhancing our passengers’ ride experience. If you have been wondering how we could make your rides even more enjoyable, here’s how.

Help your ride reach you easily

If you live in a relatively complicated area, explaining the exact location to your driver can be a challenge and take way too much time. In order to make your taxi booking simple, your driver get your exact location thanks to the drop location, which shows clear directions to reach you. No matter where you are located across the island, your appointed taxi driver will be able to reach you easily.

Reach your destination even faster

Who doesn’t like shortcuts and quick routes to reach their destination on time? MoTaxi’s GPS feature provides your driver with the quickest routes and maps, no matter where they need to drop you off. In case of unexpected traffic jam, even the most skilled taxi driver may use some help. The GPS system comes in handy by giving them the easier shortcuts around. A dream for both passengers and drivers.

Get real-time location updates

Worried that your driver might not get to you on time? Our GPS tracking system will get this stress away from you by providing you with your driver’s real-time location, and recurrent updates as he is getting closer to you. This feature is an effective time management tool to get you to your destination in a timely manner.

Get your trip history

MoTaxi’s GPS tracking system can also help you get your trip history afterwards. This record can be extremely helpful if case of problems during the trip or even if you forgot something in the car and want to get things sorted out. For all your bookings with MoTaxi, you will always have the possibility to check your trips’ history.

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