Plan For The Best Family Vacation With Motaxi

The end of the year is here which means it is also nearly time to plan your future family getaway! Now that more facilities are reopened to the public, you get to finally spend some quality time outdoors with your loved ones and enjoy your favourite activities together. Whether you wish to have family weekend getaways, a simple family outing or go on a family road trip, you need a mode of transportation to get you to your destinations. If you don’t have a car or don’t feel like driving on your holidays, the best solution is to opt for reliable and dedicated transportation solutions. Motaxi can help you plan effectively your vacation rides to enjoy your travels to the fullest. Travel smart, even when on holiday!

No driving duties

Driving can be both a blessing and a challenge in some situations. When you go on a long road trip or travel from place to place each day during your holidays, driving can become very tiring, not to mention that you might not feel like driving at all. Now, you can share the driving duties with your family members but what happens if no one has a license except you or if they all can’t seem to stay wide awake? Driving while being tired can not only be frustrating but also very unsafe. Motaxi is there to lift this weight on your shoulders! We provide reliable transportation solutions to ease your travels for any occasion. Our licensed taxi drivers allow you to enjoy the ride and rest safely until you reach your destination.

Big family means big space

You want to travel with your family but everyone won’t fit into your car or you don’t have enough space for your belongings? Rides with loved ones can be an enriching experience where you can talk, joke around and listen to your favourite music. In some families, those kinds of moments don’t get to be experienced often. Motaxi makes it possible for you with its 6-seater cars available upon request! No need to get multiple taxis when you can simply get one that fits everyone. And to make things even better, there will be enough storage space to put all your family members’ belongings without having to stick your legs together the whole ride!

Convenient advantages

Hiring a car might seem like an appealing idea for your holiday trip but it might not be the cheapest alternative. Prices may vary depending on the company and additional fees are not rare, not to mention that a deposit should be made before. Motaxi provides affordable rates and lets you know your trip’s fare beforehand, with no additional fees! Plan your family trip in advance directly on our app to make the most of your holidays and book your ride with only 5 steps. The closest taxi driver will be appointed to you also in a way to save time. No need to worry about parking, your driver will drop you off and pick you up where needed at the requested time. We take care of your family’s ride so that you can finally bond with them.

Take the time to fully enjoy your family vacation! Book your rides through our app on Apple Store or Google Play.