Not Your Regular Taxi Drivers – Learn More About Our Partners Training

All too often taxi drivers stay in the dark, not getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve for facilitating our daily travels. This article is dedicated to all our fellow official taxi drivers at Motaxi without whom our services would not be the same. These guys are no joke and are working harder than ever to up their game and provide a better traveling experience to our customers! Our travel partners have been ongoing some serious training at Vatel Mauritius Hotel & Tourism Business School in order to enhance the level of their services and obtain a Sustainable Tourism Certificate. Below is what the training program is all about. Don’t forget to show some love to our taxi drivers!

Mauritius roots – historical heritage and cultural differences

With the intention of offering an authentic experience to the passengers, knowing all about Mauritius history is important knowledge to have for our taxi drivers. Being well-informed will help them give, for example, a better insight of Mauritius’ roots to foreigners but more importantly, will showcase their professionalism. Not to mention that this makes an interesting story to tell throughout the ride. During the training they must be able to name some important dates and historical events that happened in Mauritius, give a description of main historical heritage sites and the history behind them and even get to know the main touristic attractions and their respective characteristics. As a multi-cultural island, it is also important for them to get a better understanding of culture, folklore or traditions. For this purpose, they should learn different habits of foreigners coming from various countries and put their understanding into practice by demonstrating empathy to their cultures.

Upping customer relationship management

Customers’ satisfaction is a reflection of great customer relationships. Small details can really make a difference, from personal grooming to social behavior or non-verbal communication, they can all impact people’s first impression. Our licensed taxi drivers understood the importance of such courses and were eager to learn more about grooming. This part of the training includes:

  • Demonstrating and learning the power of personal appearance and how it can impact customers’ first impression. For instance, learning the significance of being cordial, welcoming and friendly at all times while remaining professional.
  • Learning the importance of a clean vehicle both inside and outside, when giving a ride.
  • Outlining the best customer service practices to increase loyalty.
  • Practicing the right customer guidance and how to welcome tourists or any other customers.
  • Highlight the importance of equal services for all and understand all types of discriminatory practices.

Sustainability courses

In recent days, raising sustainability awareness is becoming more and more important. Our taxi drivers are taking part into this self-awareness journey with sustainability courses given at Vatel Mauritius, where the necessity of a well-maintained car is being outlined. This aims to encourage drivers to carry out regular servicing in order to reduce carbon footprint and emissions. Learning how to dispose of waste products the right way with sustainable practices is also included in the training in order to build awareness on socio-cultural and economic impacts.

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