Need Corporate Travel Solutions? Think Motaxi!

Corporate travel solutions can really be of great help to your business. Whether you need a daily service to pick up and drop off your employees or help them move around easily for any work-related trips, corporate taxi solutions are one of the most reliable and convenient services for your company. For your utmost convenience, Motaxi allows you to book your employees’ rides through the app and provides you with a corporate dedicated offer along with corporate rates to better organise their travels. Here’s why you should consider Motaxi as your trusted corporate taxi solution.

Save up to 20% on your corporate travel bookings

Motaxi has carefully worked on a corporate plan to better serve you and your employees on a daily basis. Benefit from our platform to book your company’s rides and get our special value offer! Not only will you save up from 15% to 20% on your bookings with our competitive rates, but you will also get the possibility to choose the package that best works for your business. Book smart by engaging in a long-term commitment with our loyalty program. Subscribe annually or quarterly to our corporate services and get a 15% or 5% discount on your rides booking. Our tailor-made corporate plan also comes with a map range system that permits you to have a better insight of the extent of our services whilst providing a personalised service by allowing you to select the locations of your choice. Nowadays where the sanitary crisis drives the financial crises, Motaxi offers you competitive rates for you to cut cost on transportation.

Easing your employees work-life

If you are a busy employer, so must be your employees. In addition to all their daily tasks and responsibilities, they might be led to move around the island for business-related trips. Motaxi engages in easing your employees’ lives by offering efficient rides, no matter where they need to go. At work, time is money and you must manage it right, especially on some occasions where you must absolutely get there on time. Whether you need to head to the airport for a business trip or attend an outside corporate meeting, our drivers offer you fast and timely rides so that you don’t miss any important event. Do your employees need to spend some extra time at the office? No need for them to rush to get the last bus available. Our app is up and running 24/7 and our licensed drivers are always on the go to serve you no matter the time. Facilitate your employees’ transportation with our travel booking services by requesting your staff members’ rides directly through our app. Lastly, we can’t forget to mention how grateful your employees will be for using our platform as you will offer them safe travels in a sanitized taxi, avoiding them having to get on a full 60-place bus.


Motaxi engages in delivering additional value to businesses that wish to simplify their daily transportations. Thanks to our skilled drivers, our user-friendly platform and competitive rates, we provide you with the best corporate travel solutions on the island.


Book your company’s rides by calling us on 86600 to get a new travel experience.