Motaxi’s Personalised Service For Your Corporate Travels

In recent days, working from home has become the new normal and many enterprises have adopted this mode of work. Like many business owners, you may have called upon a company vehicle for your employees’ daily travels and you are just coming to realise that it doesn’t align with your business functioning anymore. In addition to our annual and quarterly subscription plans, Motaxi provides tailor-made services to companies who wish to have a flexible taxi service for their employees. Here’s why you should get our personalised service for your corporate travels.

A cost-saving solution

Most of the time, company vehicles require you to use their services on a regular basis, which doesn’t leave any room for flexibility. When employees are coming to the office frequently that is actually ideal but, if they come twice or three times a week and you still need to pay the same amount to the company vehicle, then it’s clearly not the most cost-effective solution. Choose a cost-saving service with Motaxi and book your employees’ rides at your convenience for fast and efficient rides to the office when needed.

Services that suit your needs

No matter your corporate needs, Motaxi offers a personalised service to ease your corporate travels. In addition to our annual and quarterly corporate subscriptions, we offer a personalised service to companies that encourage working from home, so that you can book a taxi for your employees on the days they need to go to the office. This will not only benefit you as an employer but also your staff, as they will get their travels simplified and available, no matter the time or the day. Set up your account on our app to facilitate your business’ travels.


Get a personalised booking experience with Motaxi. Give us a call on 86600 or reach our corporate team at to book your ride.