Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaways With Motaxi

There’s nothing like the joy of finally being on the weekend. Some of us find that it is the perfect time to relax on our own and some others are impatiently waiting to meet friends or family to spend a good time. Whether you want to go on a shopping spree, get on a road trip or plan fun activities, weekends are meant to unplug from your daily routine and unwind to start fresh. Motaxi makes your weekend trips easier for you to experience the best weekend getaways.

No need to worry about parking

How many of you had to drive in a never-ending circle in hopes to find a parking spot on the weekend? This is quite an upsetting situation that can often bring your mood down before you even got the chance to start your day. With Motaxi services you won’t ever need to worry about parking on your outings! Use our app to book your ride, and our drivers will pick you up and drop you off at your desired destination. No more stress and no more circling around in your car!

Focus on the moment

Driving has its advantages but can also be very tiring, especially when you had a busy weekend or were expecting to have one.  If you are the driver in your friends’ group, you will most definitely have to drive all day AND drive them home, one by one. When you’ll get in the car, that is usually when fatigue starts kicking in and whether you are used to it or not, it’s not the best feeling ever, not to mention that it is not safe. Enjoy your weekend getaways to the fullest with Motaxi app! Not only will you be driven across Mauritius with your loved ones, but you will also get safely home and savor your rides to the max.

Our drivers are your guides

You are known to have a terrible sense of direction and so do your friends and family? That can be a problem if you have an appointment or get lost and lose precious time. Leave the driving to our official licensed taxi drivers! They are in a good position to give you advice on the best spots in Mauritius and get you there fast. No matter where you want to go, your appointed driver will be your travel partner.

Optimise your traveling time

If you love to be in control and plan your weekend outing ahead so that nothing is left behind, Motaxi’s platform is perfect for you! Be well-prepared by downloading our app and scheduling your rides in advance. Your friends are always late? Share them our app to book their rides online so that they don’t fail to show up on time (no excuse this time!). Enter your trip’s details, get your fare beforehand and benefit from a cashless payment for a stress-free and organised ride.


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