Is It Worth Hiring A Car In Mauritius?

Although Mauritius is an easy destination to get around compared to other countries, having a mode of fast and reliable transportation is always convenient. Even if there is cheap public transportation on the island, a lot of people choose to hire a car instead. In this article, we will reveal to you if it is really worth hiring a car in Mauritius.

Free to go wherever you want when you want

Mauritius has a number of modes of transportation to help you move around, but what happens when you can’t get a taxi or you don’t have no one to give you a ride around town? In this particular situation, hiring a car could be extremely handy. You can drive and go wherever you want, when you want without having to pay for the ride. But, what about the cost?

Prices can be low to high

When hiring a taxi, the fares usually depend on the hours required, the number of people or the destination you are headed. When hiring a car, prices can be high, depending on the company you chose. Some companies might even take credit card which can come with some additional fees. It is also important to keep in mind that, apart from the actual fee for the hire, you should also make a deposit to confirm your booking. With all this in mind, hiring a car might not be the cheaper alternative you could think of.

You get to choose the type of car

Depending on the number of persons travelling with you, getting to choose the type of car can be a real advantage. If you are going to be at four in total and looking for a lower cost and an easier drive, you can opt for small cars. On the other hand, if you will be with a group of friends or family, an SUV or 7-seater can be ideal for you. This option gives you once again the freedom of choice to get the car you want but, do you have the knowledge to drive everywhere?

You have to be comfortable in driving everywhere

The feeling of independency when hiring a car is great, but are you comfortable in moving everywhere you want to go? If you are not familiar with some regions, hiring a car and getting there by yourself can get you lost or even make you late at your appointments. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable to drive in some places, it is better to book a taxi in order to arrive at your destination fast and without any inconvenience.

Booking a taxi is the most reliable and safe option you could get in terms of transportation. You will be travelling with experienced drivers who will drop you safely at your desired destination, wherever you are headed to. If you have the chance to get a taxi cashless service, you will benefit from affordable prices for all your rides with licensed drivers for the most pleasant customer experience.

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