How to prepare for an early morning flight

Having an early flight can be a great way to save time upon arriving to your destination but, it also means not having the rest you need the night before. To make early morning flights easier and more enjoyable for you, everything has to be well-organised in order to avoid oversights or the need to rush. Follow these tips for a stress-free early flight.

Finish packing the day before

Having everything already packed prior to your departure day is a real time-saver. Organise your belongings in your suitcases, backpacks or purses to save you some time in the morning and avoid leaving anything important behind. Make sure to arrange everything in order of importance, predefine what you will need in the taxi, in your pocket or your handbag. Get all your essential paperwork in one place in advance to keep your mind at peace.

Double-check your flight schedule

To have the most relaxing awakening, make sure to double-check your flight timings to avoid any misunderstanding. Spot your required arrival time at the airport as well as the check-in time and departure to be well-prepared so you can determine the time you should arrive to the airport and get things ready to take off.

Choose comfortable clothing and equipment

No one wants to get all glammed-up at 6:00 am. Comfort and practicality are very important when you are having an early flight. To feel at ease along the journey, prioritise breathable clothing and shoes as well as a jacket in case it gets a bit cool inside. If you find it particularly difficult to get some sleep on a plane, bring a travel pillow for some extra comfort.

Get an online check-in

Whether you want to avoid the tiring lines at the airport or if you did not book your seats in advance, online check-in is a good way to get all this done easily. When doing so, you will also have more chance in getting a better seat than checking directly to the airport. If you are thinking about getting an online check-in, make sure to have your booking number, flight details as well the number of luggage.

Adjust your sleep schedule

If you are afraid that you might oversleep and miss your flight, think about taking precautionary measures such as setting alarms or change your sleep schedule a few days before taking off. Avoid caffeine or any forms of technology that might disrupt your sleep and you should be well-rested on the day of your departure.