How To Book A Taxi With Motaxi

Need safe and reliable taxi services in Mauritius? Search no more! Start the new year right by easing your daily travels with Motaxi mobile app to book your taxi online. No matter the time and where you are headed in Mauritius, our licensed official taxi drivers will drive you safely to your destination 24/7. Book your taxi now by downloading our app Apple Store or Google Play and learn how to proceed with the few steps below.

  1. Confirm your pickup location & add your final destination

Choose your pickup location so that you get appointed with the closest taxi driver near you then add your final destination. By doing so, your driver will automatically know where you are headed way before he comes to pick you up. This simplifies the travels of passengers and taxi drivers!

  1. Check your trip’s fare & request your taxi

Get transparent and inclusive rates with Motaxi! After choosing your destinations, check your trip’s fare and request your taxi. Our taxi services are affordable for your daily travels whether you need to go to school, to work or to a special occasion.

  1. Add credit to your wallet

After you have requested your taxi, feel free to add credit to your personal wallet online to pay for your ride whenever you will need to book a taxi. Choose your favourite payment options to proceed with the payment online!

  1. Book your taxi & see where your driver is on the map

You are nearly there! Once you proceeded with the payment, your taxi has been booked and your appointed driver will appear on the map. Thanks to our mobile app real-time tracking system, you can follow your driver’s whereabouts anytime.

  1. Rate your driver after your trip

After you reached your destination, feel free to rate your travel experience by scoring your trip on our app. Your rating helps us to keep an eye on our services and make sure that we remain up to standards.