How MoTaxi can help disable and elderly people

Taxis are known to be one of the most favourite mode of transportation worldwide. Whether you need to get urgently to a meeting or you want to head home after a party and can’t drive, taxis are there to help you reach your desired destination safely. This mode of transportation should be reachable to everyone, especially for elderly people or people with special needs. For those individuals, moving around town can be a real challenge, whether they can’t drive or don’t have anyone to drive them around. In this case, taxis could be of a great help if the services they offer can provide some additional features. Learn how MoTaxi services can help elderly and disable people in facilitating their travel around Mauritius.

A team always there to help

MoTaxi drivers are not only qualified, they also show a great dedication in their daily work thus, are always willing to provide assistance to elderly or disabled individuals. Whether you can’t easily hop in or out a taxi, our drivers are there to help you and facilitate your daily life as much as possible. After dropping passengers with special needs, our drivers always pay close attention that you can reach to your destination safely. MoTaxi also works closely with nursing homes and hospitals in order to better serve those who can’t move around the island easily.

A comprehensive service and well-equipped cars

MoTaxi can provide comfortable 6 seaters. This permits to have some additional space in order to make the ride as pleasant as possible and gives you more room to dispose your personal belongings. We can also put at disposal wheelchairs upon request to facilitate the movement of our passengers.

With our 24/7 service, we provide fast and safe rides in case of emergency to help you get to the closest clinic or hospital. No matter the time, we remain at your disposal should you need an urgent ride. Our licensed drivers will make sure that you get to your destination safely.

As we want everyone to be able to use our application easily and get the best customer experience, MoTaxi puts at disposal a dedicated hotline for elderly or disable people who wish to book a ride, everywhere around Mauritius.

For safe, convenient and fast rides, get our mobile app and book your taxi!