Holiday Guide: Discover Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Mauritius

Are you spending your holidays in Mauritius? Although the dreamy beaches and warm weather may have been the main reasons you wished to visit the island, there is so much more to Mauritius. From the breath-taking sceneries to lush nature, postcard-worthy waterfalls and local cuisine, the island is full of must-see places for your holidays. You have been in Mauritius for a few days and are looking for unique places to visit? Our small holiday guide regroups some of the best places to visit in Mauritius for an authentic and fulfilling experience.

Go to the best scenery vacation spots

As you might know already, Mauritius is known for its outstanding landscapes. What better than scenery spots to fully appreciate the beauty of the setting? The island is packed with scenic spots! Go for a scenic hike at Pont Naturel, a natural bridge formed by rocks over several thousand years. Get through the mangroves and sugarcane fields to discover one of the most dramatic landscapes. Explore the best waterfalls of the island at Tamarin Falls, Chamarel or Black River Gorges. For adventure enthusiasts, Mauritius has you covered! Go on a hike at le Morne Brabant or the Ebony Forest for an indulging experience. For those looking for a unique yet intimate setting, visit le Souffleur and Savinia Beach in the South of the island.

One-of-a kind cultural places to visit

Mauritius is proud of its diversity in terms of culture and traditions found in the cuisine, music, local crafts and much more. The Mauritian community regroups people from different religions and traditions all living in harmony. The history of Mauritius is also present in various spots across the island. Explore Ganga Talao at Grand Bassin and discover the Indian temples and statues. Learn more about the importance and history of sugar in the country by visiting L’Aventure du Sucre at Pamplemousses. Get introduced to Mauritius past at Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site to get a glimpse of the island’s indentured labour. Have a taste of the plurality of cultures through unique food spots such as Escale Créole at Moka, Le Fangourin at Pamplemousses, the Happy Rajah at Vacoas-Phoenix, le Château de Bel Ombre among others, not to mention the mouth-watering local street foods all across the island!

Enjoy fun holiday activities

Holidays are great for relaxing but also for having fun! Enjoy your time on the island to the fullest with some local activities. Have an adrenaline rush by going zip-ling at Casela Nature Park or quad biking at Domaine de l’Étoile. If you love to stay by the sea, there are plenty of water activities such as kayaking in Tamarin, water-skiing at Grand Bay, a Safari Submarine at Trou aux Biches, and more. The island is full of activities for you to choose from for a memorable islander experience.

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