Good News! We’re Totally Legal!

Wanted to start off this article with a taxi joke but we don’t want to lose any customer (taxi jokes can be really bad). One thing we don’t joke about though is our services trustworthiness and regulation. Following the communiqué provided by the National Land Transport Authority with regards to MoTaxi online application being wrongfully regulated, we wanted to give you a better insight of our online application. We understand the importance of offering convenient services but also ones that will comply with the country’s laws and requirements for a better customer experience. Here’s how MoTaxi ensures that you get the most pleasant journey through its well-regulated and reliable online platform.

Our onboarding procedure

MoTaxi online application offers the opportunity to Taxi License holders to get in touch online with individuals looking for taxi services to move around Mauritius. All of our taxi drivers using the platform hold a driving license for taxis in order to operate safely and give you the most enjoyable experience. In contrary to what has been said, our taxi drivers fully commit and respect the conditions implied to their Private Service Vehicle License with regards to their rights of operation. They also go through a thorough onboarding process allowing them to provide their services to the general public. In other words, rest assured that you will arrive safe and sound to your destination with our skilled drivers!

A carefully crafted platform

MoTaxi online platform adheres to the Road Traffic Act which implies that Taxi Licensees can choose their base of operation. When using the online application, they can operate from their original authorised base of operation or their residence and also hire a passenger on their way back to their chosen base of operation after dropping off prior passengers to their final destination. Moreover, to ease the overall process for both passengers and taxi drivers, when a request is made on the app, the same is received to drivers within a defined close range. That way, if you are requesting a ride from Quatre-Bornes for example, taxi drivers from this area will respond to your request (the secret for fast and efficient service). To the taxi drivers out there, you are most than welcome to continue to work from your favourite base of operation, what matters to us is your expertise on this journey, not your money. (we are very bad at word games; someone should stop us).

A transparent fare

Transparency has been a watchword for MoTaxi. That is why we provide inclusive and transparent rates beforehand to all our passengers using our platform. As soon as a passenger enters its desired destination on the application, an estimated fare will be automatically given to him. Who wants to jump in a taxi with the fear to be wrongly charged? Yes, you are right, literally no one, so our transparent rates are there to ensure you that no additional fees will be required at any time during your ride (sight of relief). Speaking of fare, our application allows you to go through a cashless payment with regards to your preferred payment option. Combining our transparent fare with our cashless payment system, we strive to provide the most convenient experience to all our fellow passengers out there.

The MoTaxi team has specially crafted for you its well-regulated online platform to ease your daily life specially thanks to its licensed drivers who greatly contribute in creating the best customer experience.

We want to offer both visibility to taxi drivers wishing to offer their services and provide the safest and most convenient taxi service to our passengers.

You wish to experience a safe, fast and convenient ride? Get our app or call our hotline 86600 to book a ride anywhere you want in Mauritius!