Get A Stressless Ride to SSR Mauritius Airport With Motaxi

You came to visit Mauritius and your holidays are slowly coming to an end (unfortunately)? As the time for packing up is approaching, you want to make sure that everything is well-planned to avoid any last-minute panic or stress, or even worst, forget your passport in the rush. In stressful times like these, a reliable taxi service company is much needed. Not only will Motaxi provide you with a fast ride to the airport, but it will also help in ending your smooth-sailing holidays in the best way possible. Enjoy your ride to Plaisance airport Mauritius!

Schedule a pick-up time

For some people, going to the airport has become routine and for others, it’s a real nightmare. With all the different steps, information panels, flights cancellations or delays, we can easily understand why it can be a not-so-pleasant experience, especially when you have a flight scheduled early in the morning. Lift a bit of weight off your shoulders and save yourself some time with Motaxi. Download the app, book your ride to the airport in just 5 quick steps and schedule your desired pick-up time. Arrive at SSR Mauritius airport in a good mood, ready to take off!

Timing is everything

If there’s something we absolutely don’t want to experience when on the way to the airport, it’s arriving late. This can cause so much stress, creates a negative atmosphere and to top it off, you could even miss your flight! Our network is composed of licensed taxi drivers that know their way across the island to get you in time to your destination when you need it the most. Book a taxi through the app and get appointed with the closest driver to you. Bonus point: you can even follow your driver’s itinerary via our GPS feature. Efficient, fast, reliable. Everything you need!

Get a transparent fare

No one wants to deal with surge charges caused by unfixed rates. If you have been on the island for some time, you may already be aware of unreasonable prices when they occur. Motaxi offers you transparent, fixed and affordable rates and allows you to know your fare beforehand. Zero additional fees applied. Travel with a reliable and trustworthy partner for safe and enjoyable rides to the airport.

Get your ride to the SSR airport now! Download the app on Apple Store and Google Play.