Follow The Trend! Book Your Cab Online.

As much as taxi services helped us with our daily travels, we still needed to go find taxi drivers at their taxi stand. When you are running late or need an urgent ride, going cab-hunting is not the best option out there. With the arrival of taxi booking apps, taxi services reached another level, providing additional travel solutions to their passengers. Here’s why you should consider online cab booking and why Motaxi app is the one you need.

Get a clear picture of your trip’s details

Before we used taxi booking apps in Mauritius, we were going to taxi stands or calling drivers to make our trip’s booking. However, a clear fixed price was never guaranteed and there was always some kind of doubt with regards to the driver’s reliability. With a taxi app, all these inconveniences are a thing of the past! Motaxi’s large taxi fleet consists of official licensed taxi drivers that have the necessary skills and knowledge to drive you to your destination in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. No need to worry about your driver’s whereabouts, our GPS integrated feature allows you to know his exact location on its way to meet you. As part of our features, we provide you with your trip’s fare as soon as you request a taxi through our app.

Flexible booking process

How great would it be to be able to book a ride at your convenience without having to worry about the time you make your booking? We made it possible for you! Our drivers are always on the go, and our services are available 24/7 for all your travel needs. All you need to do is take your phone, download our app, and book your taxi through only five steps, at any time of the day or night. Not only can you book a ride for an immediate need, but you can also schedule it for later if it suits you best.

Give your feedback

When we booked a taxi in the past, there was nothing much we could do if our driver showed up late, had an unprofessional attitude, or simply if we wanted to share our experience. There was no platform on which we could give our feedback to help others or celebrate the services. Motaxi takes your experience to heart and encourages you to rate your driver through the app and leave a review after your trip. Not only does this feature allows us to spot the inconvenience you faced and investigate, but also helps us maintain our services’ quality

Bringing your ride to you

As we said before, going on a search for taxis is not the quickest process and does not always suit our needs. With our app, your driver will come to you and not the other way around! When proceeding with your ride’s booking, you will notify your driver of your location so that they can reach you easily. In order to offer you a fast and time-saving service, you will be appointed with the closest driver to you.

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