Ease Your Employees Transportation With MoTaxi

Do some of your employees somehow struggle with showing up on time to work? It may be due to public transportation delays or them having to wait to catch another ride? If you have been looking for a safe, fast and convenient way to help with your employees’ transportation, search no more! With MoTaxi’s 24/7 service and user-friendly app, you won’t have to worry about your employees travels anymore! Here’s why you should consider our dedicated services for the transportation of your staff members.

Safety comes first

If what’s refraining you from trusting a transportation service is the authenticity of the services provided, we want first to salute you for the interest shown towards your employees’ safety. Offering fast rides is great, but it certainly does not come before safety. When booking with MoTaxi, you can rest assured that your staff will arrive safe and sound to their destination. Our drivers are all holders of a Taxi License and have all the skills required in order for them to provide timely and pleasant rides.

Benefit from custom rides

Looking for a corporate solution for your employees’ travels? This will be done in no time with MoTaxi user-friendly app, offering various features to facilitate your daily bookings. With our platform, you will benefit from a corporate account dedicated to all your business-related trips. You can easily book your employees’ rides by reaching to us via our hotline 86600 and offer them a fast trip anytime. To facilitate even more the lives of your fellow staff members, our hotline also allows you to arrange daily fixed route rides from the office back home! As part of our features, we also offer multiple payment methods for your utmost convenience.

Non-stop availability

No matter when you’ll need to make a booking, MoTaxi offers a 24/7 service to better serve your employees on all occasions. When booking with us, they will be appointed to the closest driver to them, whether they need a ride to get to the office, head to a meeting or need a last-minute ride back home after having to spend extra hours at work. Give them an immediate ride or schedule it for later when booking via our app.

Rides for all your work-related trips

To stay in the spirit of managing your employees’ travel needs, our drivers are there to drop them off to all their work-related destinations. Whether your employees need to head to the airport for a business trip, go to a client’s office or an outside business conference, MoTaxi arranges your trips to ensure that your employees benefit from fast, efficient and timely rides for all their important work trips.


Arrange your employees’ rides efficiently by contacting us on our hotline 86600.