During The Lockdown, Book Your Ride With MoTaxi On 86600

MoTaxi helps you move around Mauritius easily during the lockdown. Learn more about the special hotline for your taxi bookings and all the measures that have been set up to ensure safe, convenient and fast services for all your necessary trips.

Move within the rules

In recent days, we can all agree that going out momentarily to feel the sun on our skin or breathe a bit of fresh air will do us the greatest good (even if breathing with a mask on is not always ideal). To move around mindfully if you need to go to work, you must have applied for a WAP permit (Work Authorisation Permit) or a special one, depending on the location of your residence, and always have it on you every time you are travelling back and forth. As our drivers are WAP holders, having this permit on you allows us to provide you our services in times of need and ease your daily lives in these difficult times. In case you do not hold a WAP permit but need to move around to go to the supermarket for example, our drivers will be more than glad to drop you to your destination on your alphabetical order day. By the way, when you present your WAP, don’t you feel like an FBI agent showing his badge or is it only us? Okay, it might be only us…

Safe and efficient services from start to finish

We all know that time is of the essence and this saying completely represent the current situation we are all experimenting. In order to save you some time and provide you with an even more fast booking experience during the lockdown, we put at your disposal our special hotline should you wish to book a taxi online! Simply gives us a call on 86600 and you shall get a driver in no time to drive you to your destination.  As we deeply care about our passengers’ safety and that of our fellow drivers, special sanity measures have been implemented. Our vehicles are always thoroughly cleaned before and after every ride and masks are compulsory for both drivers and passengers. We also restrained the number of passengers allowed for each ride to two maximum for a 5 seater car and to four maximum for a 7 seater car, this to limit any close contact. In addition to that, our cashless system greatly contributes to your trips’ safety by avoiding cash manipulation.


Raise your hand if you feel that your time is being robbed by the lockdown! We feel you and we can assure you that you are not the only one sharing this thought. However, this is for the good as we all have to work together and abide to certain rules in order to go back to our dearest daily lives. During the lockdown, travels throughout the island are being closely monitored for the safety of all.

If you don’t have any means of transport at hand, now more than ever you need a reliable mode of transportation in cohesion with all the sanitary measures put in place for a safe trip. You guessed it, MoTaxi is there to ease your travels during the lockdown! Give us a call on our hotline on 86600 to book a taxi with us!