Choose Motaxi’s Mobile App For Safe And Easy Business Travels

Mobile apps have facilitated our daily lives and are now helping in the smooth running of many businesses. We can now attend meetings through our phones, respond to important emails, book business flights and so much more. With technology evolving, mobile apps have now made their way into the transportation industry and are enhancing the way businesses work. Thanks to our app, Motaxi helps support your corporate travels anywhere in Mauritius and allows you to manage your business rides with just a click of a button. Here’s why you should consider Motaxi app for your corporate transportation needs.

We keep your staff safe

Before mobile apps came into play, it was hard to know if your staff got their ride when they were supposed to, if they reached home safely or even if they got in time to the airport to check-in for their business trip. Now, this is history! With Motaxi, you can keep an eye on your employees’ rides journey thanks to our GPS system. If they need a safe ride late at night after doing some overtime, you will rest assured that they are well en route to their destination. We build traveler confidence so that you can offer safe and relaxing rides to your staff member any time of the day.

Making work less stressful

Having a day of meetings, tasks, and additional responsibilities is already a lot to handle. Lift some weight off the shoulders of your employees with our accessible mobile app! Give them the possibility to book their rides when and where they want to through their phone. No need for them to spend time hailing a cab, worry about knowing where to go or whether they have cash or not. Thanks to our 24/7 service, licensed drivers, and cashless payment system, we make your employees’ lives so much easy and stress-free.

 Empowering your employees

Having a corporate travel solutions company at hand helps empower your business and employees. Our user-friendly app aims to enhance the traveler’s experience with an easy booking process. Increase your business productivity and efficiency with our fast and convenient rides and benefit from our competitive rates. We equip you with the best tools for the smooth running of your operations.

Set up your corporate account by contacting us on 86600.