Book A Taxi – 24/7 Hotline Service On 86 600

Book A Taxi - 24/7 Hotline Service

For all your transportation needs and last-minute urgencies, Motaxi provides you with its 24/7 hotline service in order to ease your taxi booking experience. Whether you are running late, need an urgent ride to head to an appointment or go to the nearest hospital, call Motaxi hotline on 86 600.

More than a taxi booking app

In addition to our taxi mobile app, our hotline is available 24/7 to better cater to your needs. Our official taxi drivers are always on the lookout to provide you with fast and safe rides no matter the destination or the time. If ever you experience any issue while booking on the app, call our hotline 86 600 to inquire about the matter or book a taxi directly. Our taxi services are up and running all day and night to drive you around Mauritius.


Available for all occasions

What happens if you need an urgent ride to the closest clinic or if you are running late to a meeting and don’t have any transportation? In those situations where stress is at its peak, our hotline comes in handy. By giving a call on 86 600, you don’t get to worry about your travels. Whether you are a student who missed the bus to school, an employee running late to work, or you simply need a fast ride to a last-minute event, Motaxi is your trusted local taxi service in Mauritius.


Book stress-free taxi services

When in need of urgent rides, finding trustworthy and reliable taxi services is a must. With Motaxi, you can rest assured that you will get provided with a professional and timely taxi service. Our official licensed taxi drivers have all the necessary knowledge to drive you around anywhere on the island and at any time. Need a quick ride asap? Call on 86 600 to get the closest taxi driver appointed to you and enjoy a quick, safe and enjoyable ride to your desired destination.