Book A Cab To Go To Your Favourite Restaurants in Mauritius

How many of you have missed the food of your favourite restaurants or the experience of dining in with your family and friends? We guess it is right to say that we were all eagerly waiting for this moment and the time has finally come! You can now make up for the lost time and kill two birds with one stone. Book a table and book a taxi right after that. Motaxi will make sure to provide you with the best experience on your way to or out of your restaurant.

Reach there on time

For some of us, being on time is like second nature but for others, it can be a challenge. Some of us can’t help but always be late and some get caught up in other responsibilities, so much that they forgot about the time. Whether you are tired of this bad habit or simply don’t want to upset your loved ones, getting a taxi ahead of time can get this stress out of your shoulders. With Motaxi, you can book your taxi in advance so you don’t have to rush and get timely rides! Book your cab through our app with only 5 easy steps; the process is simple, fast, and convenient.  For those who get anxious about how long the taxi will take to reach them, you can follow your driver’s location on the map thanks to our GPS system.

Enjoy your ride to the fullest

As much as driving is convenient, we all want the pleasure of being driven from time to time. By using Motaxi app, you can enjoy your ride to your favourite restaurant. Our official licensed drivers have an excellent knowledge of the island so that to provide you with efficient and fast rides to your desired destination. You are thinking of getting a few drinks during diner, or fatigue is kicking in? Get safely at home by booking a taxi with us and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Ease your family and friends’ lives

You shared a good meal at the restaurant with your family or friends and some of them could use a lift back home? Make them have a pleasant experience until the end by offering them transportation. You can arrange their rides yourself in advance or share the app with them way before you have to meet so that they can organise their rides beforehand. Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface is up and running 24/7 and our drivers follow closely all sanity precautions to drive you and your loved ones safely across Mauritius.

Download our app on App Store or Google Play to book your rides to your favourite restaurants!