Be A Time-Saver – Stay Out Of Traffic Congestion With Motaxi!

Worldwide, traffic jams are a real headache and Mauritius doesn’t make the exception. Despite undergoing road developments in the past years, the problem is still persisting. Even if those developments aim to facilitate the daily travels of drivers in the future, in the meantime, traffic is getting more and more out of control with many road constructions, diversions or roadblocks. This not only leads to negative repercussions on the travel system of the country but also impacts the productivity and state of mind of drivers each time they take the road. Now if you are just out to get lunch or on a shopping spree, this might not be that problematic but if you have to head to work, this is a very frustrating experience, especially during rush hour. Motaxi helps you avoid the stress of busy roads and acts as a time-saving solution for your daily travels to the office!

Increase your daily productivity

Having a well-established and reliable transportation system is vital to any country as it contributes to a successful economy. When a transportation system is not working at its full capacity, the economy automatically suffers. Lateness at workplaces becomes inevitable, productivity is reduced and economic growth is slowed down, acting like a domino effect. Not mentioning the amount of fuel and money loss drivers are subject to. In order to help you increase your daily productivity significantly and provide you with travel reliability, Motaxi app helps you avoid traffic jams with fast, safe and convenient rides to your office. No need to rush to catch the bus or stay stuck in your car indefinitely, losing gas. As an employer or an employee, you can book the rides of your employees/your ride directly through our app. The closest licensed driver to you will come to pick up and drop you off at your desired location. Thanks to their knowledge, they know all the alternative roads to get to your destination as fast as possible so you won’t be late.


Get rid of unwanted stress

Whether you know it or not, getting stuck every day in traffic can be extremely frustrating. You feel powerless as there’s nothing you can do besides waiting for the traffic to, somehow, get better. You are thinking about all the times you got late to work, the overtime you’ll eventually have to do, how late you’ll reach home, and basically, how terrible your day is already. Get rid of all these negative thoughts and let us handle your rides! Motaxi understands your situation and provides convenient and pleasant rides so that you can get to work in a timely manner, no matter when. To make your life easier, our booking process only consists of 5 easy steps and offers an automated fare with a cashless system for your utmost convenience.


Your ride is at your fingertips! Book your taxi to reach the office by downloading our app on Apple Store or Google Play.