5 Frequent Questions Taxi Drivers Get

We all know this awkward silence that can occur during a taxi trip. Some may be unbothered by it or are simply not very talkative but if you are the type to break the ice, you will surely want to ask a few questions to your driver, just to make the trip more pleasant for both of you. Here are a few of the most common questions that taxi drivers get very frequently.

So, until what time you are working?

This one is a classic of all the classic. You may not know the driver on a personal level but you are still trying to sympathise with him. Sometimes, a simple question can brighten up the day of someone. You never know, maybe the driver got up on the wrong foot or felt tired about the long day ahead of him and your question may give him just the little help he needs to get through.

How long have you been a taxi driver?

The real ice-breaker. This frequently asked question can really helps make your ride more enjoyable as it can easily open new topics of conversation. You may learn some funny stories about your driver’s experience and he may even ask you more about yourself whilst remaining professional. The idea is to have a little chit-chat to make the whole experience better.

Quite busy today, huh?

Whether the answer to the question seems obvious or not, the desire to ask it is there. This question is maybe the most frequently asked to taxi drivers worldwide, as if there was a universal connection happening between passengers all over the world. This can lead to a pleasant conversation that could make the ride seem less longer.

Is it possible to go faster?

Maybe you don’t want to be late on an important meeting or appointment, but this question may not be the brightest one to ask to your driver. A good taxi service drops you on time at your destination but also makes sure that you get there safely. This question may be interpreted wrongly and your driver might feel a bit annoyed or frustrated by it. If you are really in a rush, kindly ask your driver if he knows another way around to reach your destination and avoid any inconvenience on the road. This way you will maintain a pleasant atmosphere and the driver will feel that you have trust in his competence.

Can you drop me there?

Taxi drivers meet people in all kinds of states, this can include sleepy or drunk individuals that might not be able to give full directions to where they are headed. Passengers can give very vague answers such as “’Home please’’ or “There just after this shop’’. This particular situation can be very frustrating to the driver as they will have to make sure that they actually drop you off at the right location. If you are not in position to give directions, maybe have someone you trust tell directions for you before your ride starts.

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