3 Funny Stories Shared By Taxi Drivers In Mauritius

3 Funny Stories Shared By Taxi Drivers In Mauritius

Due to their profession, taxi drivers are led to spend a lot of time on the road and whether they like it or not, they witness a lot of things. From funny stories to horror stories and uneasy ones, our four-wheeled heroes know them all. Want to have a good laugh? Here are three funny stories shared by our fellow taxi drivers. Book your taxi now to get convenient rides from our licensed and friendly taxi drivers wherever you want to go in Mauritius, contact us!

An unpleasant surprise

Story shared by Vikesh – ‘’ One late night a young woman requested I picked her up at her place to drop her somewhere in the North of Mauritius at 11pm. I showed up at the said time. She was really well dressed and I automatically thought I was driving her to meet her date. The woman was very talkative, you could tell she was in a good mood. When we were getting close to her destination, she was giving me directions and that is when I noticed that the surroundings were familiar, very familiar. The more we were going forward the more it felt like I knew where I was going. A few minutes later, she told me that we arrived. I stopped and let her out of the car.

I was right, I knew the surroundings. It was my grandpa’s house, my 82-year-old grandpa’s house.

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Ki to krye? To pas la la?

Story shared by Hansley – ‘’One busy Monday, I was standing in the taxi stand waiting for clients to request a ride when I saw an old man rushing in my direction. I didn’t even get the chance to say hi to him that he was already in my car asking me to rush and follow a grey Toyota, which happened to be another taxi belonging to a friend of mine. I obliged and followed the car until it stopped in front of a house in Quatre-Bornes. As soon as I stopped the car, he swung open the passenger door saying ‘’Enn ti moma mo vini la’’. Confused, I watched the man walking rapidly towards the car we were following. At that moment, an elderly lady came out of the Toyota, the man I was driving was apparently her husband who then started to shout ‘’Kifer tone less mwa tou sel dan bazar?!!’’ The woman then replied while waving her hands ‘’Kifer to p krye? To pa la la?’’. The man then paid me and they both walked towards their house as if nothing happened. My friend was still in the Toyota in the front and witnessed the scene. To this day, this makes us laugh every time we bring the topic back.’’


‘Business’ meeting

Story shared by Sunil – ‘’I once picked up this couple that looked so in love with each other. They were non-stop kissing, chatting and giggling in the backseat. Very cute. I dropped them off and started driving to pick up my new passenger. On my way, I heard a phone ring and knew it wasn’t mine because I didn’t recognise the ringtone. I automatically realised it belonged to my previous passengers. Luckily, I had the woman’s phone number as she was the one who requested my services and called her to let her know that her husband left his phone in the taxi and that I was going to drop it off later. When I did so, it was the man who showed up. He couldn’t stop thanking me and straight up told me that his wife was calling to check on him, as he was supposed to be on a ‘business’ trip, then laughed and said that I saved his life and will recommend my services to his friends.

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Never thought I would feel uneasy after doing what I thought would be a good action…’’


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